An outdoor shooting range (otherwise known as a firing range) is a specialized outdoor facility that is designed for the practice of firearms. Every range is usually managed by one or more supervisory staff, who are referred to as range masters or Range Safety Officers (RSO's) in the United States. They are responsible for making sure that each and every weapon safety rule is being followed at all times within the range.

An outdoor shooting range is usually needed for long distance shooting. The distance would sometimes go beyond one thousand meters. The training itself would require the shooters' exposure to the elements, like the wind or the rain.

Outdoor shooting ranges are typically backed by a sandbag barrier, specially-designed traps that are shaped like a funnel, high retaining wall, or earth mound so as to stop the ricochet of the bullets that are going outside the boundaries of the range. Moreover, the majority of these outdoor ranges restrict the full caliber size. Ranges may also have a separate outdoor shooting range facility that is dedicated for the use of high-powered firearms.

As part of their house rules, some ranges may require all of the guns to be unloaded or trigger-locked before entering and leaving the facility. Every shooter is required to wear some eye protection and hearing protection device at all times when he is within the defined boundaries of the range. Depending on the outdoor shooting range, a prescription eyeglass can also be considered as a form of eye protection. Unlike outdoor ranges, indoor ranges may not be safe, due to high level of lead exposure and heightened noise exposures.